Our objectives for each project are:

In order to deal with the challenge of relieving energy supply constraints within the national grid and meeting renewable energy targets, Real Time Solar employs a new, decentralised generation approach to integrating renewable energies.

Decentralised generation, successfully implemented in many countries, is where smaller to large scale Photovoltaic (PV) systems are successfully embedded within the national electricity grid in a fraction of the time and cost of a large centralised power plant.

The inflationary tariff increases, together with further increases expected in coming years, has made the investment case for rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems increasingly attractive.

Prefeasibility studies need to be conducted on the designated sites to identify the technical and financial viability of potential PV systems.

The data used to form the basis for these studies is not, however, sufficient to complete a detailed PV design, which is needed in order to draw up accurate system costing.

Our project methodology intended to ensure a successful project roll-out and sustainable working relationship between the client and supplier.

Methodology Phase

1. Stakeholder Analysis

  • Identification of key staff
  • Conducting a stakeholder meeting with all relevant parties to discuss project approach and methodology

2. Requirements Analysis

  • Identification of stakeholder needs, expectations, risks, restrictions
  • Identify research and monitoring approaches for the site

3. Gap Analysis

  • Identification of gaps between the current state, the Pre-feasibility findings, and proposed future state.
  • Identification of steps to be taken in order to achieve successful PV-system implementation. (Incl Structural engineering assessment, Mechanical engineering requirements, financial criteria, energy audits and potential energy efficiency opportunities)

4. Pre- Design Feedback

  • Summary of the findings of projects
  • Development of project planning for sites
  • Conclude and finalize the monitoring approach